Stanislav Zvanovec

CTU-Pragues, Supervisor

Prof. Stanislav Zvanovec

Prof. Stanislav Zvanovec received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague in 2002 and 2006,respectively. To date, he works as a full professor and deputy head of the Department of Electromagnetic Field and chairperson of PhD branch at CTU. His current research interests include Free Space Optical and fiber optical systems,Visible Light Communications, OLED, RF over optics and electromagnetic wave propagation issues for millimeter wave band. He is the head of Free-space and fiber optics group at CTU ( Till 2014 he was a chair of the Joint MTT/AP/ED/EMC chapter of the IEEE Czechoslovakia Section and he is head of the Commission F “Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing” of the Czech National URSI Committee. He leads research and participates within in the frame of international projects ESA PECS no. 98069, ESA 4000105298/12/NL/CLP, ACE 2,  EU COST projects IC1101 OPTICWISE (Optical Wireless Communications – An Emerging Technology) as vice chair of WG1, IC0802, IC0603, CA16220, Centre for quasi-optical.